Marlin Stunner Metal Wall Hanging

$149.99 $139.98
SKU: 101210013
Weight: 1.00 LBS

Creative 3D Metal Wall Marlin is 38” X 14.5”! Experience a whole new dimension in Light Reflective Art. Our 3D RefraXion™ line incorporates light reflections with dimension, giving it a unique effect. The piece changes color with the lighting and the direction viewed.  Powder coated for rust resistance and durable enough to be used indoors or outdoors.
Made in USA!!!.

Customer Reviews (2)

Colorful,and interesting

Had a space over the couch in the family room.This piece looks great,and you can see it is made well.I'll probably order the turtle next. Thanks ! JR

What a Great Accent Value?

Looking for something classy, colorfuls and durable and this hit the spot. Doesn't hurt that my fiancé' s name is Marlyn. Great buy, looking for someplace I can put a similar-eh billfish. Mo
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