Copper Art

Mixed Flight Horizontal Butterflies

Weight: 2.00 LBS

Large spray of Butterflies, (45" x 20" x 4") will fill up your wall. Beautifully designed with vibrant blue, green, yellow and peach colors it can be hung horizontally or vertically.New item from Copper Art. Hangers on back for easy display.

Customer Reviews (1)

So beautiful!

My husband and I completed an overhaul of our back yard and wanted to match a Copper Art piece we added to our fence. We had the vertical butterflies and when I saw the horizontal set, I could not pass it up. The colors are amazing as well as the craftsmanship and detail. I just order some of the single butterflies to "sprinkle" in a few more areas to complete the yard. With all the work we put in and pieces we chose, these are by far my favorite part of the yard...beautiful! Simone Santos
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